Birds of a Sweater Cat Toys

We love using eco-friendly and recycled products when creating our cat toys, and have been doing so since 2009. Our original Birds of a Sweater toys are handmade from upcycled sweaters, recycled fiber fill, and organic catnip. Our  Eco-Kicker toys are made from recycled canvas that is 45% recycled and very durable.

In 2016 we inherited a large feral colony of cats with a land purchase. The purchase of Birds of a Sweater Cat toys supports the feeding and medical care of these cats. In late 2016 we began TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and as of April 2017 we have spayed and neutered every cat in the colony. We've also tamed and adopted out several of the younger kittens.  In March 2018 we worked with our local spay/neuter clinic to trap 8 feral cats from a property where they were no longer welcome and moved them to our colony.  All were spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

Now that our TNR of this colony is complete, we're committed to helping feral colonies around the United States. As of May 1, 2017, 10% of our proceeds will be donated in the form of food to feral colony caretakers in need. We'll be using #foodforferals on Instagram to help track donations and find colonies that need food sent their way.

Follow us on Instagram @birdsofasweater for all of our updates.

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