Our colony

We are currently caring for a colony of feral cats.  All have been spayed/neutered (TNR) and vaccinated.  In addition to donating to #foodforferals and #eartiptaylorcounty, our sales also support the feeding and medical care of these cats.  For updates and more info, visit us on Instagram @birdsofasweater

Officer Tom was dumped at our colony in December, 2016. He quickly became the colony alpha and watches over everyone.


Colony cat River receiving treatment for ear infections.

Tambourine, TNR 3/14/18

George Washington, TNR 3/2/18

Ben Franklin, TNR 3/2/18

Cucumber, TNR 3/2/18

Ronald, TNR 3/1/18

Penguin, TNR 3/1/18

Artichoke, TNR 3/1/18

Skipper, TNR 3/1/18

Borrowed traps for a trapping project with our local spay/neuter clinic. 8 new cats were trapped and altered.

Trapped feral cats waiting for their spay/neuter appointments.


Feral cat Moon, sedated for examination at the vet. Moon damaged the ligaments in her knee and recovered after 10 weeks of rest.

Moon's Dec 2017 xrays. Our colony cats receive medical care whenever it is needed.

The colony cats enjoy breakfast.

Artemis and Big Tom

Officer Tom, TNR 2/3/2017




Our neuro kitty, Leo, when he still lived with the colony.


Officer Tom playing with one of our Colony Cat Eco-Kickers.


Leo and Buddy, both sick former ferals, now snuggly on the couch.

The colony cats eating breakfast.

Toffee, trapped March 2017. Toffee had an upper respiratory infection, heart murmur, and kidney failure.


Toffee, trapped March 2017. We sadly lost Toffee to kidney and heart failure three weeks later.

Officer Tom, keeping an eye on the feral property.

Buddy, trapped from the colony as a sick kitten and now a member of the Birds of a Sweater family.

The twins, Artemis and Apolla.

Pumpkin, Toffee, and Pepper.

River, Pumpkin, and Oscar waiting for breakfast, Winter 2016/2017.


Leo and Buddy before they were trapped.

Walter, the very first feral cat we TNR'd.

Moon, one of the shyest cats in the colony.

Leo, our neuro kitty, was pulled from the colony in January, 2017. He has made great improvements since then!

Four of the cats that we pulled from the colony: Juliet, Toffee, Buddy, and Leo.

Raven (fka Juliet) recovering from her spay surgery.

Raven (fka Juliet) was pulled from the colony as a sick kitten in December 2016. She recovered and was adopted out in February, 2017.

Some of the colony cats enjoy breakfast.

Walter, TNR 12/2/2016

Pumpkin, TNR 3/1/2017

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